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The home that troubles retrogression whilst endorsing progression among their audience…

Get in touch with all plane crash news and more - survivor skits

Showcasing fierce traumatic news!

Actionable strategies for evolution - survivor skills and kits (survival skits)

Placating your miserable lifestyle with motivational articles and hilarious skits!

Inspirational survival skills and discounting survival kits - survival skits

Inspiring you with both survival tactics, skills and survival kits to ensure your progression beforehand!

  • Endorsement meant to increase your state of living!
  • Consistently drilling into you critically important survival tactics to defeat a hungry Lion on encounter!
  • Our expectations would culminate as “wanting you to flourish like top Survivors”!

From Newbie to Survivor expertise! But, recall our quote

Start the journey to flourish as top Survivors


We all stand together, work together and fight for justice. Our collaborative effort is sure bet to our success!

Have saved more than, okay not to exaggerate- A billion souls!

Imbibe circumvential tactics at no cost today. Get 40% discounts in every survival kits you purchase.
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A room or collectively a kingdom of top Survivors who desires to share there survival goals to help the clueless survive in this wicked world!

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